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Site News & Updates


Up to Date News - For those interested in up to the minute analysis of Kerry in the news check out the News Feed and the National Review Online Kerry Spot.


CCRKBA Action Alert: (Expired)

The Brady Campaign, the Violence Policy Center and other gun control groups are promoting a “Call the President” campaign on Thursday, 9 September to push for extension and/or expansion of the Assault Weapon Ban. Go here to check out the alert sent out by the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.


10/13/04 - The NRA endorses Bush. Check out their email here.

09/19/04 - A number of new newspaper articles on John Kerry and the gun rights issue have been published. Check out What Others Say.

09/14/04 - After Action Reports for 28 Feb 69 and 13 Mar 69 are now available on the Vietnam Downloads page.

09/03/04 - The HumaneUSA PAC, who opposes all hunting, has endorsed John Kerry in the presidential race. Check out their announcement.

08/30/04 - Check out an article by Neal Knox on the .30-30 round and the Armor Piercing Ammo ban here.

08/28/04 - A new page referencing the 'Armor Piercing Ammo Ban', also referred to as 'Cop Killer Bullets' is now up on Cop Killer Bullets.

08/28/04 - Two pages on the FBI and Kerry related to campaign finance and Johnny Chung are now available here.

08/25/04 - A 'Commerce Links' section has been added to the Links page.

08/23/04 - A third citation for Kerry's Silver Star and a second citation for his Bronze Star is now available. These are the originals signed by Adm. Zumwalt.

08/22/04 - New page on George Bush.

07/24/04 - A new, much longer analysis of John Kerry's legislative history with respect to gun ownership is now available here.

07/11/04 - John Edwards reveals himself to be neither a hunter, gun owner or even fisherman. Check out Edwards - Sportsman? for the transcript of a short interview between the Charlotte Observer and John Edwards.

07/06/04 - Kerry announces John Edwards to be his Vice Presidential running mate. Edwards, a North Carolina Democrat, is also rated by the National Review to be more liberal than Ted Kennedy. Smart enough not to vote for every gun control measure, he still took time off from the campaign trail on March 2, 2004 to vote for some of the gun control measures. Those that he did not vote for, he did not vote against. He can tell his constituents that he did not vote against their gun rights and he can tell the Democratic party and the trial lawyer lobby that he did not vote against them. See the Voting Record page for more information on John Edwards. In addition, we are starting an Edwards Link Section.

06/18/04 - A couple new links and a short page on Kerry in his post-Vietnam period here.

06/15/04 - Massachusetts Governor Romney called for John Kerry to step down as the state's junior senator. The reason given is that Kerry has been awol from his elected job of Senator since launching his campaign for the presidency. See The Boston Globe.

06/08/04 - The contents detail of the download files has been completed. Go here to take a look.

06/04/04 - New links added to the Links page.

06/02/04 - Check out the NRA article on John Kerry. See the link in the blue box on the right.

05/27/04 - An analysis of John Kerry's Navy Fitness Reports is posted here.

05/26/04 - There is a new push to ban import of grizzly bear trophies from Canada where the grizzly is not endangered. See John Kerry & Hunting.

05/21/04 - Appropriate for this site, we are expanding coverage on John Kerry's record with regard to hunting. See John Kerry & Hunting.

05/17/04 - Information on lobbying groups has greatly grown. Rather than give them short play at the bottom of this page, they now have their own page here.

05/15/04 - We have new information on what Lt. John Kerry's peers thought of the young officer. See Peer Actions Against Kerry for more information.

05/15/04 - Editorials continue to appear questioning the wisdom of nominating John Kerry for Democratic Candidate. Here is the latest article we have found.

05/11/04 - Under the Vietnam page are posted the copies of the Navy files Kerry has released on the johnkerry.com website.

05/06/04 - We are adding Discussion Forums to the site so that everyone can get their voice in. Feel free to express yourself.

04/27/04 - A call to Not nominate John Kerry to run for President by the Village Voice with a summary articles by the New York Post and the Washington Post.

04/22/04 - John Kerry announces a new commitment to the environment, fishing and hunting. Here is a link to the press release (copied). Kerry's 'Sportsmen for Kerry' is no longer a one page 'community' where, like the other communities, Kerry attempts to portrait himself as a everything to everyone. It is now a set of web pages that tries to make further use of the Iowa hunting trip from the fall and rehashes the June 6, 2003 'Hunter, Dreamer, Realist' article in the Washington Post. In the new pages, you also have an opportunity to get on his mailing list and send him money.

The only real meat of all of the pages is a sidebar tabbed as 'Record'. In the sidebar, Kerry gives you the following detail on his beliefs:



Kerry is a lifelong hunter and will defend hunting rights.


Kerry supports the Brady Bill and mandatory background checks.


Kerry strongly supports the Second Amendment and gun owner rights.


Kerry worked with law enforcement to ban military assault weapons.


Kerry wants to close the 'Gun Loophole'.



  1. Take note that three of the five bullets he presents are all about gun control and not rights although the word 'rights' is used twice and 'control' not at all. I am assuming that the 'Gun Loophole' is actually the 'Gun Show Loophole'.

  2. Dropped in the middle is the Second Amendment. I find this more than ironic given the other bullets and his voting record.

  3. His speech was delivered in Louisiana. The concept of 'defending hunting rights' seems to come from an appeal to rural economies as much as anything else.

  4. Automatic Military Assault Weapons have been regulated since the National Firearms Act in 1934. Clinton's Assault Weapons Ban had nothing to do with any firearm the military is currently using.

  5. The 'Gun Show Loophole' is all about disallowing private sales of firearms. There is no loophole for gun sales at shows by FFL holders.


There is only one thing John Kerry missed out of the Democratic playbook: gun safety. See 'Winning the Gun Vote' for a complete look at their strategy of deception.


  In 2000, Gore from Tennessee could not carry any southern states. That fact is largely attributed to his outspoken stance in favor of gun control.


What we can see in John Kerry's Sportsmen community is an effort to distance himself from the gun control positions that lost Gore the presidency. Unfortunately his voting record is an unblemished monument to restricting the rights of law abiding Americans.


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