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Kerry Hunting in Ohio



October 21, 2004 - Kerry goes goose hunting in Boardman, Ohio. With early voting already started and the election less than two weeks away, he wants to show people that he is a regular guy. Fortunately for him, someone else volunteered to carry the bird he bagged because he was tired from watching the baseball game the night before. Check out Kerry Goes Hunting for Conservative Votes or Kerry bags a goose for assessments of this campaign stop. In addition, check out Kerry bags geese but plays down gory details or When Johnny went a-huntin' to see how carefully choreographed it was.

On a personal note, I had hoped that he would go deer hunting. I wanted to see the pictures of him crawling through the woods on his stomach playing the deer. I guess that would not happen though because he might accidentally borrow a gun defined by SB1431 to be a 'semiautomatic assault weapon' and load it with SA2619 'cop killer bullets'. He could have always claimed that the deer was wearing Kevlar. This was Kevlar that should have been sent to our troops, but the incompetence of Bush prevented proper outfitting of our troops.

  In the NY Times: 'Mike McCurry, joked, "To go kill defenseless animals somewhere": a reminder that, even while courting middle-of-the-road voters, the party's base is never entirely out of anyone's mind.'


All of the anti-hunting organizations that give Kerry a 100% rating must be doing a


in the hopes their 'regular guy' gets elected. See Lobby Organizations for more information.


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