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Kerry Quotes


For the Assault Weapon Ban


Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry said Friday that President Bush failed to protect Americans from criminals and terrorists by letting a ban on assault weapons expire next week.

Source: CNN - September 10, 2004


Consider: What difference does a bayonet lug or flash suppressor have to do with any of this. Fear, uncertainty and doubt. BS by another name. The Washington, DC snipers used one shot per event. They could have been more effective with a bolt action, hunting rifle than the black rifle they used. People will kill despite a law against murder. The AWB was ineffective, as even stated by the VPC.


Both Sites of the Hunting Issue


"I do a better job of fighting for the rights of sportsmen than George Bush does." Addressing the Humane Society, he bragged that "I've had my name on every piece of animal-rights legislation ever passed by Congress!"

Source: NationalReviewonline


Consider: How does Senator Kerry fight for the rights of sportsmen while having his name on animal-rights legislations supported by the Humane Society of America? And, of course, "It's all about hunting". Right.

Senator Kerry's Government Website

Gun Control

Senator Kerry is deeply troubled by the numbers of people - and particularly the number of children - that are wounded or killed by gunfire each year and he supports stricter gun control measures in order to prevent children and adults from misusing any of the approximately 192 million firearms currently in circulation in the United States. He believes that we need to close the gun show loophole, which permits sales at gun shows without a background check, require the provision of a child safety lock on all handguns, and increase controls on assault weapons and handguns.

Source: Senator Kerry's Government Website


Consider: With 50k people dying each year in car accidents, nobody is calling for 'car control'. They punish the law breakers for behaviors and consequences. All owners are not punished for the transgressions of the irresponsible.

Hunting is what it is all about.


I'm a gun owner and a hunter, though I've never contemplated going hunting with an AK-47. And I believe I can speak to that culture.
Source: CNN/Los Angeles Times Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate February 26, 2004



Consider: Many of us are hunters and few, if any would hunt with an AK-47. That does not mean that they are not enjoyable to shoot. Additionally they were, along with AR-15s, effectively used by shop owners in LA to protect their stores during the Rodney King riots. All without a shot being fired and while the police would not enter the area.


Democratic Party shouldn't be for the NRA

Q: Do you find it necessary to kill animals for photo-ops?

A: I don't think the Democratic Party should be the candidacy of the NRA. And when I was fighting to ban assault weapons in 1992 and 1993, Dean was appealing to the NRA for their endorsement, and he got it. I believe it's important for us to have somebody who is going to stand up for gun safety in America and make certain that we make our streets safe, our children safe, and not allow people to get assault weapons in America.

Source: CNN "Rock The Vote" Democratic Debate Nov 5, 2003


Consider: 1) A major effort of the NRA is education of both the young and law enforcement.

2) Kerry and his kind provide us with feel good legislation that has no

real safety effect. They make no legislation with respect to gun safety education. And legislation to increase penalties for gun use are voted against.

Supports assault weapons ban & Brady Bill

Q: Your views on gun safety.

KERRY: There's a story in today's Washington Post that says that Democrats are going to run away from the issue of gun safety. I don't think that we can get elected nationally if we are not prepared to stand up against powerful special interests. Too many die each year from guns. I am for the assault weapons ban. I'm for the Brady Bill.

Source: Democratic Presidential 2004 Primary Debate in Detroit Oct 27, 2003

Prevent unauthorized firearm use with "smart gun" technology.

Kerry signed the manifesto, "A New Agenda for the New Decade":

Make America the “Safest Big Country” in the World

After climbing relentlessly for three decades, crime rates started to fall in the 1990s. Nonetheless, the public remains deeply concerned about the prevalence of gun violence, especially among juveniles, and Americans still avoid public spaces like downtown retail areas, parks, and even sports facilities.

We need to keep policing “smart” and community-friendly, prohibiting unjust and counterproductive tactics such as racial profiling; focus on preventing as well as punishing crime; pay attention to what happens to inmates and their families after sentencing; use mandatory testing and treatment to break the cycle of drugs and crime; and enforce and strengthen laws against unsafe or illegal guns. Moreover, we need a renewed commitment to equal justice for all, and we must reject a false choice between justice and safety.

Technology can help in many areas: giving police more information on criminal suspects so they do not rely on slipshod, random stop-and-search methods; allowing lower-cost supervision of people on probation or parole; and making it possible to disable and/or trace guns used by unauthorized persons.

Above all, we need to remember that public safety is the ultimate goal of crime policy. Until Americans feel safe enough to walk their neighborhood streets, enjoy public spaces, and send their children to school without fear of violence, we have not achieved public safety.

Complete list of Kerry Statements

For a complete list of Kerry speeches and public statements go to vote-smart.org



They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759.

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