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Kerry Flip Flops


Kerry is becoming infamous for his ability to take both sides of issues. His most glaring is:


  1. Voting for the Iraq war.
  2. Voting for $87B in war funding.
  3. Voting against the same $87B in funding for the war.
  4. and then complaining that the soldiers did not have the body armor to be provided by the $87B appropriation.

And amazingly

  1. Kerry accused Dean of flip-flopping on the war issue - CNBC Capital Report Transcript - December 11, 2003


Not to let us feel excluded, John Kerry takes both sides of the Second Amendment. While explaining that he is a hunter and supports the Second, he also supports every gun control (now labeled gun safety) bill that comes along. And not only does he say that there is no reason for civilians to own 'assault weapons', but he owns one. The following is from the October 2004 edition of Outdoor Life (page 82):

So, not only does Kerry vote for every gun control measure that comes along (see Voting Record) and push everyone else to do the same (see March 2, 2004), he owns one of the very guns we should not be able to own. For more on this article, go to Outdoor Life.


There are a number of good sites and articles which expand on his 'dynamic' positions. I do not wish to duplicate other's efforts. I will only say, "See for yourself".


bullet  Kerry courting both sides on gun-control issue - The Boston Globe - September 19, 2004
bulletMisfires - John Kerry aims all over the map on guns. NationalReviewonline
bulletKerry in Cambodia, Christmas 1968. Not really a flip-flop. More like an outright lie. Is it one lie or many when you tell the same lie for 25 years? - US News and World Report
bullet Kerry wants Bush to stop Swift Boat Veterans for Truth attacks right after saying 'Bring it on!'. - AP - August 22, 2004 and Press Telegram - August 19, 2004
bulletWill Real John Kerry Please Stand Up? - Boston Herald - May 24, 2004
bulletKerry's New 'Flip' Flap Over Anti-Abort Court - New York Post - May 21, 2004

and Kerry says he'll filibuster Supreme Court nominees who do not support abortion rights - www.johnkerry.com - June 20, 2003 (page removed by the Kerry campaign).

bulletBackpedaling Kerry - The Washington Times - April 30, 2004
bulletKerry Concedes 'We may yet find' WMDs Just Weeks After Saying Bush 'Misled' About Them - GOPUSA - April 30, 2004
bulletKerry Flip-Flops on Missing WMDs - Newsmax.com - April 29, 2004
bulletMr. Kerry's Flip-Flop-Flip - Fort Wayne.com - April 22, 2004
bulletKerry's flip-flop on CAFE goals is classic example of political efficacy - The Detroit News - April 20, 2004
bulletDemocrats flip-flop on fair trade - The New York Daily News - April 10, 2004
bulletHaving It Both Ways With John Kerry - Helena Independent Record - March 21, 2004
bulletThe Lies, Hypocrisy, and Indifference of John Kerry - OpinionEditorials.com - March 20, 2004
bulletJohn Fake Kerry - nationalreviewonline - March 16, 2004
bulletJohn Kerry Takes Both Sides on Hot Issues - Twin Cities.com - March 15, 2004
bulletComprehensive List of Flip Flops - GOP March 8, 2004
bulletUnified Kerry Theory II - Why his waffles aren't chopped liver. - Slate - March 8, 2004
bulletWhopper of the Week: John Kerry, Did He Pretend to be Irish - Slate - March 7, 2004
bulletJohn Kerry's Waffles - If you don't like the Democratic nominee's views, just wait a week. - Slate - March 3, 2004
bulletFlip-Flop Kerry Running Lop-Sided - MichNews.com - February 25, 2004
bulletPast Votes may dog Kerry campaign - Democrat's support of Bush at issue - MSNBC - February 24, 2004
bulletTime for Clarity - Washington Post - February 15, 2004
bulletJohn Kerry's Shifting Stands - Jeff Jacoby - February 13, 2004
bulletFlip Flop Kerry - Just a reminder. - The Brier Patch - November, 16, 2003


And the flip flop stories go way back:


bulletWaffling on War - nationalreviewonline - October 25, 2002
bulletJohn Kerry: The Chameleon Senator - US Vet Dispatch - Oct 1996


If all of this seems confusing, don't worry. There is a single, underlying theme to his support. He supports what the audience of the moment supports. Ultimately, his stands are a reflection of audience positions and not personal belief. Knowing what he truly believes can only be seen in his votes, maybe.



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