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Edwards - Sportsman?



You may or may not approve of using the Republic National Committee as a source for information, but the following is a transcript of an interview between Tom Funk of the Charlotte Observer and John Edwards. It reveals a politician who is neither a hunter, gun owner nor fisherman.









Charlotte Observer Reporter Tim Funk’s Interview Of Edwards Says It All





Q:  “Have you done any farming yourself?” 


A:  No … I shouldn’t say never: When I was a young kid, we’d go sometimes to pull tobacco and stuff. But I’ve never done any serious farming.” 


Q:  “Would you call yourself a NASCAR fan?” 


A:  “I would call myself somebody who’s interested in NASCAR, yeah.” 


Q: “You don’t follow the weekly [NASCAR] races?”  


A:  No, but I don’t follow anything except politicking.”                        


Q: “Do you hunt?” 


A:  “I used to hunt a lot. Haven’t hunted in years.”  (Tim Funk, “Q&A With John Edwards,” The Charlotte Observer, 5/26/03) 


ü     Days Before Funk Interview, Edwards Was “Sorry To Admit” Hunting Past.  “[Edwards] went on to explain to some puzzled faces [at his ‘Tar Heel Thursday’ meeting] that he used to hunt the creatures [rabbits and squirrels].  ‘I’m sorry to admit that to you,’ Edwards told [N.C. Wildlife Federation’s Christopher] North.” (John Wagner, “Edwards Guns For The Top,” The [Raleigh] News And Observer, 5/23/03)


Q: “Fish?”  


A: “Oh, yeah. Yeah. I haven’t fished in years either. Just (whispers) no time.”  (Tim Funk, “Q&A With John Edwards,” The Charlotte Observer, 5/26/03)


ü     Earlier This Month, We Heard Different Fishing Story.  “[Sen. John] Edwards enjoys fishing from time to time, according to his wife.  But otherwise he appears to have few outside interests.” (Charles Hurt, “Who Is John Edwards?” Washingtonian, 5/03)


Q: “Do you own a gun?”                                                          


A:  Not today. I have in the past.” 


Q: “Are you a country music fan?” 


A: “(Laughs) I have in the past been a country music fan.” 


Q:  “You said you had a gun in the past. How long ago was that?”


A:  “When I was growing up. I haven’t had a gun in -- you mean personally? -- in years. I’d have to figure out when …” 


Q:  “What kind of gun was it?”


A:  “Get out of here (laughs).” 


Q/Reply: “People want to know these things …” 


A:  “Yeah, I know. You want to know these things. (Laughter from his staff as Edwards departs to return to the Senate).”  (Tim Funk, “Q&A With John Edwards,” The Charlotte Observer, 5/26/03)       



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