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George Bush


This site is not about George Bush. For that reason I have been very reluctant to mention the current president. Other than on the forums, this page and the NRA page are the only pages you will find Bush mentioned.



Bush and Gun Control

The Bush campaign also has a sportsmen page. Link to it at www.georgewbush.com/Sportsmen/default.aspx. A link on that page will direct you to his record with respect to the Second Amendment.


You will find it markedly different from Kerry's sportsmen page in that it addresses our Second Amendment rights head on. It does not couch its support with terms like "reasonable restrictions" as Kerry's used to. It does not reference "sportsmen's rights" in terms of rural economies.


You will also find that it is unequivocal in it's support of:


bulletProtecting Individual Rights
bulletEnding Frivolous Lawsuits
bulletEnforcing Existing Laws


  October 18, 2004: Check out the NRA's interview with President Bush.


Kerry has attempted to equate Bush's position to his on gun control. He reminds us that Bush promised to sign the Assault Weapons Ban, if it reached his desk. It has not. And he has made no effort to get it to his desk, to the consternation of the gun control crowd. Quite the contrary, when asking the Senate to pass bill 1805, he asked that it be sent to him without amendment. If you want to know how that went, check out March 2, 2004.


If you still question Bush's position, remember that he, as governor, signed the Texas concealed weapon permit bill.



Bush and Military Service


The following is an excerpt from editorial #10 from Don Bendell.


Myth: Dubya was a draft-dodgin’ Air National Guardsmen who went AWOL in Alabama while Kerry heroicly volunteered to serve in Vietnam.  A few quotes from a letter from Air National Guard COL. William Campenni (retired) of Herndon, Va., who served as a pilot with President Bush in the Texas Air National Guard  “If the 111th FIS and Lt. Bush did not go to Vietnam, blame President Johnson and Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara, not lowly Lt. Bush. They deliberately avoided use of the Guard and Reserves for domestic political calculations, knowing that a draftee only stirred up the concerns of one family, while a call-up got a whole community's attention.” “Because of the training required, signing up for this duty meant up to 2½ years of active duty for training alone, plus a high probability of mobilization.” “Our Texas ANG unit lost several planes right there in Houston during Lt. Bush's tenure, with fatalities. Just strapping on one of those obsolescing F-102s was risking one's life.” “Well, as for abandoning his assignment, this is untrue. Lt. Bush was excused for a period to take employment in Florida for a congressman and later in Alabama for a Senate campaign. Excusals for employment were common then and are now in the Air Guard, as pilots frequently are in career transitions . . .” “there is no instance of Lt. Bush disobeying lawful orders in reporting for a physical, as none would be given. Pilots are scheduled for their annual flight physicals in their birth month during that month's weekend drill . . .” “Also, the formal drug testing program was not instituted by the Air Force until the 1980s and is done randomly by lot, not as a special part of a flight physical . . .”


Also, from a reference site regarding George W. Bush’s unit and his jet, the F102: “A total of 15 F-102 fighters were lost over Vietnam.” “Even in peacetime conditions, F-102 pilots risked their lives on every flight.” “pilots from the 147th FIG of the Texas ANG were routinely rotated to Vietnam for combat duty under a program called "Palace Alert" from 1968 to 1970” “As he was completing training and being certified as a qualified F-102 pilot, Bush's squadron was a likely candidate to be rotated to Vietnam”



Don Bendell has published all of his editorials on www.donbendell.com. I suggest you go there to check out the remainder.





'Nuf said.





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