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Would you trust this man with your gun rights?

For more information on Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick
visit www.ytedk.com


Let me say, from the start that I believe the Constitution, via the 2nd Amendment, to expound upon an individual RIGHT to keep and bear arms. It is not a privilege granted by any government. On the contrary, the Constitution delineates what the federal government is allowed to do and limits its powers. If you agree, enough has been said. If you don't agree, there are plenty of sites that discuss it. I am not going to rehash what others are already saying.

Second. I am sick and tired of political candidates saying and doing whatever is necessary to fool voters who they know they will eventually betray.

The candidates will not provide a clear and concise statement. This is my attempt to get past Kerry's words.

Being on both sides of this issue, along with many others, Kerry is not a man that should be elected dog catcher.



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