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 Kerry, Gun Control & Hunting



Welcome to Sportsmen for Kerry.


For a new site related to gun control legislation, check out It needs a lot of work, but progress is being made.






If you are looking for a puff piece on how John Kerry is a great friend of hunters and those that believe in the whole Constitution, I suggest you go here on


On the other hand, if you want to find out what the Democratic candidate says and how he votes on hunting and gun control, you are at the right place. If you only have a moment, look at Kerry's voting record on gun control. 


If you want more information on the 2nd Amendment and gun control, go here.


A Short Analysis of John Kerry on Gun Control

Besides the cursory newspaper articles about how John has hunted since a child (a la Clinton in 1992), John Kerry espouses the belief that there should be reasonable controls placed upon gun ownership and availability. The only issue gun owners may have with this is that every restriction that comes along is reasonable to him. Like Clinton, the 2nd Amendment is about hunting. And like Clinton, he believes he should tell us what is reasonable and what we need. See his Voting Record.


For a much longer analysis of Kerry's legislative history see  John Kerry's Steadfast Anti-Second Amendment Career.


A Short Analysis of John Kerry on Hunting

Fall 2003, Iowa. John Kerry goes hunting and gets two birds in two shots. He does a little talking on how to best prepare the birds. Is this guy really a hunter? Does he really prep and eat what he hunts? Hint: The largest antihunting organization in the US, the Humane Society of the US, gives John a 100% score. See John Kerry & Hunting for more information.


The Humane Society of the US, who opposes all hunting, has endorsed John Kerry in the presidential race. Check out their announcement.


Edwards, Gun Control & Hunting

John Edwards has much the same position on gun control as John Kerry. When he is voting, his votes are almost (but not completely) identical to Kerry's. Specifics are on the Voting Record page. On March 2, 2004, given that political realities in North Carolina are different than in Massachusetts, Edwards declined to vote rather than cross his Democratic peers or his gun owning constituents. In doing so he failed to represent his constituents and failed to demonstrate the courage of his convictions. On the plus side, he did not stab his constituents in the back. Go to Edwards - Sportsman? for a transcript of an interview of John Edwards by the Charlotte Observer with respect to gun ownership, hunting and fishing.


The First mention of Guns in the Debates: Edwards blasted Cheney for voting against the plastic gun ban while Cheney was in the House of Representatives. Edwards shows his own ignorance while pandering to an uneducated electorate. The ban that passed did not ban any gun that existed at that time, or could exist at this time. For more information see Gunning for Cheney.


Teresa Heinz Kerry and Gun Control

Really a side note, but who is Teresa Heinz Kerry? Check out this report on the anti-gun agenda of Teresa Heinz (before Kerry).


Guns As An Issue

One could say that gun control is not the most important issue in any race. But, it is an effective measuring point with respect to the candidate's:

Honesty because so many politicians want to position themselves on both sides of the issue for votes.

Ability to trust the American people because politicians that don't trust a populace with guns should not be trusted.

and Respect for the Constitution because that is where their duty lies. The Oath of Office is the first act of any newly elected, federal level politician. Each office holder swears to "support and defend the Constitution." How can you defend what you don't believe in? Should not those office holders that violate their oath of office be impeached?

Failure in any of these three respects leaves us with a politician that wants to control us and not represent us.


Why the Gun Issue Under 'Sportsmen'?


John: In Vietnam you were supposed to clear free fire zones of innocents before moving in. Similarly, US gun owners are innocents in the gun control fight. Why not concentrate your efforts on the criminals?.

The concept of a 'sportsmen' encompasses a great deal more than just the hunting issue. There is open space such as BLM land and National Parks. There are the environmental issues associated with the nation. There is fishing, hiking, recreational boating and a thousand other activities that can be considered.


But, the gun issue goes to the heart of a candidate's commitment to the Constitution. Kerry recognizes hunting as the only legitimate use for a gun. He hopes that by not going after bolt action rifles and long barrel shotguns, the 'sportsmen' of the US will not recognize him for the gun grabber that he is.


Examine the Kennedy Amendment. No. 2619 and recognize that it could outlaw every round legal for large game hunting. Today's hunting rifle will be tomorrow's sniper weapon only designed to be so accurate so as to kill people from long distances.


A Quick Reality

Claims to represent gun owners and believe in the 2nd Amendment.

Voted for every major piece of gun control legislation since taking office.

Endorsed by major gun control organizations. 

Endorsed by major antihunting organizations.         See Lobby Organizations for more information.

Reviled by all major gun rights organizations.


Biographies on John Kerry

Wikipedia Long Biography on Kerry

Nationmaster Very Long Biography on Kerry

Project Vote Smart Short Biography

NRA Short on Kerry Tactics

Biographies on John Edwards

Wikipedia Long Biography on Edwards

Nationmaster Very Long Biography on Edwards

Project Vote Smart Short Biography





Editorial: Vietnam as an Issue


Congratulations on making it this far. Vietnam is not an issue. Plain and simple. John Kerry in Vietnam: very much an issue. We do not discuss why he was there. We do discuss what he did there and what he did after. His actions reflect his character as the consummate opportunist. And his character is very pertinent to his fitness as President of the United States.


How many soldiers went out and bought movie cameras to take hundreds of hours of film recreating actions? How many soldiers walked out of Vietnam with three Purple Hearts, three bandaids and not one night in a hospital?  His character is reflected in his actions. He is unfit.


To those who think this site is full of lies:

I challenge each and every one of you to do your own research. Don't believe what this site says and don't believe what either campaign says. The Voting Record page has links to the bill themselves. Examine Kerry's voting record with respect to the Second Amendment. If you find something wrong on this site, please email and it will be corrected. The first goal of this site is to be accurate.


Second, do not write this site off immediately as propaganda by the Republican party. Every penny supporting this site has come out of one person's pocket. No where on this site will you find a Paypal button or any other method to contribute money. And never have I have received any correspondence or support from the Republican party.

There are some major differences between the forex and other markets.





Download a copy of 'Stolen Honor', the move - 10/22/04 - Check it out at Kerry Post-Vietnam.


Kerry goes hunting for votes and gets a goose - 10/21/04 - Check out Kerry Hunting in Ohio.


Kerry is given another gun - 10/18/04 - This time in Ohio and he also picks up a hunting license. The best line is when he says "Can I get me a hunting license here?". I guess he is trying to sound natural with that 'uneducated redneckese'. Check it out here about 2/3rds of the way down. Time will tell how he tries to show us his prowess this time.


The Brady Campaign does endorse Kerry - 10/01/04: Despite saying he supports the Second Amendment, Kerry is endorsed by a premier gun control organization. See their press release.


Kerry and Bush interviewed by Outdoor Life Magazine - 09/19/04: An interview of Kerry and Bush has been published by Outdoor Life magazine in their October 2004 issue. Sticking to the scope of this website, we examine the gun control and hunting aspects of Kerry's responses at Outdoor Life.


John Kerry announces the "Sportsmen's Bill of Rights" - 09/13/04: The Kerry campaign announces a new Bill of Rights. In a continuing effort to counter his anti-gun image, Kerry is trying again to say that he supports the very gun rights he has voted against so recently and so often. Check out March 2, 2004 to see what he said when it really counted. Read Senate Bill 1431 and Cop Killer Bullets to see how he wants to outlaw our guns and ammunition. Check his Voting Record to see his unwavering devotion to gun control.

In addition, the Second Amendment is not about hunting. We, as sportsmen, benefit from the Second, but its real purpose is constrain the Federal government. If law makers and judges were to give the Second an unbiased look they would find that it protects assault style weapons more than it protects a .22 target rifle.


Given that the Constitution already has a Second Amendment (which he doesn't seem to believe) and HIS Bill of Rights would have no legal standing, its real purpose is to provide a smoke screen.


The Fraternal Order of Police do NOT endorse Kerry - 09/10/04: Despite supporting renewal of the AWB and Bush not pushing for its renewal, the Fraternal Order of Police endorse Bush. See their press release.


John Kerry Says the AWB Expiration will Help Terrorists - 09/10/04 - I can only guess that John has not figured out that the the .223 round is not very powerful or that terrorists are not too concerned about flash suppressors or bayonet lugs. John says that he doesn't want to change the Second Amendment. Good thing because even the President doesn't have that much power. John does seem to want to infringe the Second at every opportunity though. Check out Yahoo.


John Kerry Gets a Gun - 09/07/04 - Kerry is given a shotgun at the United Mine Workers Labor Day picnic in Racine, West Virginia. Go to Kerry's Gift to find out what cascaded down.


The remainder are now moved to the News & Updates page.


  Strategy, Not Reality
A website called the 'New Democrats Online' has published a page with a new strategy backed up by a poll for Democratic candidates. Called 'Winning the Gun Vote' it calls for a shift in rhetoric by Democratic candidates to swing gun owner votes their way.


Ultimately the poll refers to things like 'Reasonable Restrictions'. Vagueness is to the benefit of the candidate. The ultimate questions become:

Who determines what is reasonable?

Do I trust that group to be reasonable?


History tells us that voting stances reflect personal beliefs that change little over time and are not necessarily representative of a politician's  constituency.


The NRA has produced an article on John Kerry and this subject. See Hidden Agenda The truth behind John Kerry's record on your firearm rights.


Also look at Gun Control Remains a Loaded Issue for Democratic Candidates. The rhetoric may be toned down, but the aim remains the same.


No freeman shall ever be debarred the use of arms.
Thomas Jefferson: Draft Virginia Constitution, 1776

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